Exercise for the Mind and Body

So it’s Saturday and I have a blank slate so far as my calendar says, it’s frickin’ freezing, but the sun is shining and its a perfect setting to get ones arse in gear – out for a run to get invigorated and then down to work… But then, oh dear where is my cold weather running gear? – and then when that’s finally found – oh, damn, where’s my iPod? I can’t possibly go running without music, no-sireee. So all-excused out and promising myself I’ll do better tomorrow, I feel I need to address some other area of productivity in my everyday life. I’m now distracted by the weekend demands of – do the shopping, fix the shower, and then finally after a little r&r, I maybe perhaps can think about applying arse to seat to write.

I can’t quite decide if the moral of the story is to be better prepared for a run, or to stop making excuses, I think that it may be both, weighted far more towards the latter.



2 responses to “Exercise for the Mind and Body

  1. Go easy on yourself, I’m impressed by anyone who attempts running during the winter months. I find it much harder to start writing on a weekend than I do in the week, so used to having Saturday off!

  2. Thanks neenslewy, it helps to know that I’m not the only one. Apart from blogging, the day was not very productive as far as writing was concerned. But seeing as it’s week 1 of my blog and I’m just getting back on my “writing feet” I will take your advice and not put too much pressure on myself.

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