Fairytales and Nightmares: Liar’s League HK

Liar's League HK

The support of my writing group WLWG is invaluable, and it’s amazing to know that even after fellow members leave they still provide support and opportunities from across the globe.

I’ve been struggling to write for ages, and this blog i.am.sophus is a tool to get me back on track to finishing my novel Four and Twenty BlackbirdsYsabelle, a former WLWG member, has got in touch since I set up i.am.sophus. and started tweeting about it in earnest. She’s set up Liar’s League in Hong Kong, huge respect to Ysabelle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Liar’s League, it has been running in London for about 5 years and has branches in New York and Leeds. It can be simply described as a live literary night, occuring monthly, where trained actors read out original short stories. There are two separate focus points: to mentor and train actors to read out dramatic monologues as opposed to scripts, and to mentor and train and pull in talented new authors from around the world. Liar’s League accept submissions from anyone, anywhere, every month. Each monthly event has a theme, and the next theme for Liar’s League HK is Fairytales & Nightmares (very apt for my genre of writing, Ysabelle noted). The deadline is 8th February and the submission must be between 800-1200 words (essentially flash fiction).

It may be most of the way across the world, but it fit’s my writing meme so well that it seems almost fated. I’ve never written flash fiction before, but I have a lot of mini-dramas that need to happen in 4&20 and and the 8th February deadline is doable, so, challenge accepted!

More updates on my progress (undoubtedly) to come.



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