Good Reads Reading Challenge 2013

2013 GRR ChallengeIf you haven’t already, it’s time to sign up to the Good Reads Reading Challenge 2013.

I did the 2012 challenge, and I was a little overly ambitious with 100 books. This year, I’ve put myself down for a rather more conservative, though still ambitious 52. That’s still one book a week. Although sometimes it may well be a novella, but hey, so long as it stands on its own as a work of literature, it’s a book and it counts. Sadly, the same applies to the epic ones – so if I do venture towards that copy of war and peace gathering dust on my shelf, that I keep promising myself I will read, it still only counts as 1 book. Ah well, rules are rules, and you will only be cheating yourself.

In any case, some of the best way to get inspiration is to bury yourself in words, so get reading!



5 responses to “Good Reads Reading Challenge 2013

  1. I don’t stand a chance. I barely get one book done a month šŸ˜¦ Too much blog reading XD

    • Hi Lythya. You don’t need to read 52 books, just whatever is a challenging number for you. Having done the Good Reads Challenge 2012, I can say that it’s really satisfying looking back at all the books you’ve read in the past year. Well done on all the blog reading, perhaps there should be a challenge for that as well.

      • What we really need is a constructive criticisme challenge, for all the aspiring writers out there. Now that would set things in motion!

  2. Wow 100 is more than 4 years reading for me at my current pace. Even this year’s 52 target makes my eyeballs hurt šŸ™‚ I hope to read 24. Two a month is about my pace and I count novellas too!

    Happy reading!

    • Yup, 100 was a little over ambitious, 52 is still ambitious. I’m currently 1 behind at the moment. I think novella’s definitely count, it would be mean to not count them methinks ;-). I think it’s just a great way to push oneself into good reading habits, that is, if you like books. Happy reading!

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