Tor UK now accepting direct author submissions

Tor Books

Tor UK is the Pan Macmillan imprint specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Until now, Tor (as with many other mainstream publishers) did not accept direct submissions. In a recent blogpost announcement, Tor Books has now opened its doors to the floodgates.

Tor’s authors include Douglas Adams, James Herbert, Robert Jordan and Amanda Hocking. I wonder if it was the acquisition of the self-published success story Amanda Hocking that inspired the move. The refusal to accept direct submissions has made most publishers more and more insular over the years. Brick and mortar publishers come to become over-dependent on their already established authors, as well as on literary agents to be their filtration system for submissions. This wider casting of the net seems to be part of the general trend of the larger publishers, who have begun to realise that the self-published market is becoming a real competitive threat. Especially in the SFF genre.

It does mean that Tor will be inundated, I wonder how will they sift the chaff? I know from my experience of working at a publisher who did accept direct submissions, anyone from the postroom staff to HR who volunteered to read through the slush pile can be a filter for submissions. The likelihood that it will get to the eyes of the editor is unlikely, as sadly, the majority of submissions are, for want of a better term, slush. Tor’s filtration system for submissions will be the true test of whether their bold move into the brave new world of publishing will work.

Tor will accept English language full length novel (95,000 – 150,000 word) submissions in the genres of science fiction, horror and fantasy only. Submissions need to be via email:  Have a look on the Tor Blogpost for details of how to submit your work.


5 responses to “Tor UK now accepting direct author submissions

  1. This is very exciting news! I need to up my word count slightly. How is your book coming? Making any progress?

    • Thanks Len, no major progress as yet, except for character planning. But the word count remains the same.I have a drop-in session at writing class booked for Thursday, I know the teacher, Anne Aylor, who is awesome. Fingers crossed it is the kick in the arse I need to propell myself out of my current novel-writing slump.

  2. Wow! I didnt know this. I hope it wont matter that I’m not in the UK. And guess I better start writing more. Up the ante so to speak. Thank you for this info!

    • No worries, my second life lawyer-job plunges me into the world of book/writing related news, so I will share when anything interesting comes up – you are welcome to follow my blog if you want updates. Pretty sure that they don’t mind where you are based so long as they want to commission your work.

  3. You know, I think I will indeed. I appreciate all the info you share.

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