Do What You Love Doing

What if money didn’t matter? What would you love to do?

I came across this today, and I think that it’s one that everyone should watch to help refocus and make sense of the world. I’ve found it a good reminder to keep going.


10 responses to “Do What You Love Doing

  1. Cook cook cook, then paint for desert.

    • Sounds like a fabulous (and yummy) plan.

      • I cooked brunch (work), now to have a couple Guinness in the studio, wrapping up a painting.
        It’s very different, but I dig it the most.
        Later, cooking again.
        Winner winner chicken dinner! Roasted whole chicken, stuffed with lemon and thyme. Julienne sautéed veggies and boiled red baby potatoes. Perfect comfort food for this dreary Sunday!

  2. Ha! I saw this too on one of my friend’s Wall and was going to post it to you, as I thought it was quite relevant to the path you are trying to go down. It’s a great video, isn’t it?

  3. Excellent video and so true. I just started following my desires seriously in the past year – writing, acting, filmmaking and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

  4. There is a poem about it by ?? it’ll come to me but the lines I remember are ” There is no point in work unless it absorbs you like an absorbing game, if it does’nt absorb you it is not good, don’t do it.” DH Lawrence!

    On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 4:28 PM,

    • Thanks for that! Apparently, the lines are:

      There is no point in work, Unless it absorbs you,
      Like an absorbing game.
      If it doesn’t absorb you, It’s never any fun,
      Don’t do it.

      From ‘Work’ by DH Lawrence

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