Retired Leprechaun and Curious Observer: Jupp Quegley Treatise

I’ve been getting down to a wee bit of writing as of late. Sadly, the actual novel is not moving, but the backstory and framework for Four and Twenty Blackbirds is coming on apace.

character biography: Jupp quegley

Jupp QuegleyOne of the ways I’m putting the backstory together is by writing character biographies. In the case of Jupp Quegley, who is a minor (but important) character and a sometimes scribbler himself, I am writing his treatise. This exercise has been really helpful in getting me to focus on the parameters on my world and how it operates.

The artwork on the right is from The Alchemist by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a renaissance grotesque painter. His work is very dark, and I find it both inspiring and applicable to 4and20BB. I see Jupp in this picture.

By way of a very brief taster, the opening few lines of Jupp’s journal is as follows (depending on how much I reveal about the plot points in 4&20BB, there may be more of Jupp’s treatise to come):

From the Early Treatise of Jupp Quegley (age – old enough to know better, young enough not to care), curious observer, and retired Leprechaun. By way of a record for all who would stop long enough to listen.

Magic. It’s everywhere now. It used to be only ever wielded by the Fae, as the humanfolk call us, and the rare pursuit of those few who were wealthy enough or ruthless enough to pay the cost of entry. But where does magic really come from? Any street rat would tell you that it’s from dust. Fairy shite, they call it, HA! Ignorant urchins, who probably have never been more than half a mile from where they were spawned, let alone ventured beyond the borders of the city. And yet, they still know of dust, harvested from the thorn tree orchards that extend beyond the Tanglewood. There, at dusk, the hundred thousand fairies ducking between the trees create dancing constellations across the evening’s landscape. It is a sight that will never cease to stir my soul.


10 responses to “Retired Leprechaun and Curious Observer: Jupp Quegley Treatise

  1. I love hearing about how other writers write. It’s always fascinating to me. Also love the journal entry. 🙂

  2. Interesting insight on the writing process for you. Can see that this sort of backstory detail would help greatly to build the world into which to draw the reader. Just reading this I am curious about Jupp already. 🙂

    • Thanks, the world building part has been troublesome for me, not because of lack of ideas, but because I haven’t had an effective way of noting these ideas down and piecing them together. Coming at it from this angle seems to be working well for me. Glad to have provoked your curiousity.

  3. I see you’re getting somewhere with that world design then. Sounds good 🙂

    • Thanks Benjamin, I am heeding the words of warnings and will not concentrate on my worldbuilding so much that I lose track of the story, but this approach seems to be working for me. Onwards!

  4. I have greatly enjoyed the appetizer and look forward to the entree. Jupp Quegley is the cutest name. Sounds like a tidy leprechaun to me.

    • Thanks Tracy, much appreciated. Lots of work still to do, but progress is being made with writing and world building – huzzah! Will try to get another instalment out (pivotal plot giveaways depending) soonish.

  5. Sounds absolutely fascinating! Best wishes for its progress. Regards, Paul

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