Birthdays and Other Distractions from Writing and Blogging

blowing-party-hornI’m someone who definitely does not deal all that well with distractions (favoured distractions that is). If there is anything available that seems mildly easier than writing or blogging, I appear to have magpie syndrome.

Today is my birthday, and I have the day off work with some intention to sit down and get to writing Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I have been for a lovely walk, had great food, had lots of love showered upon me with well wishes and have been sung at more than a couple of times – that coupled with some self-indulgent video game playing (FTL has been today’s distraction of choice) and watching movies – strangely enough my well intentioned time set aside for writing appears to have evapourated. Sitting down and writing this blog is the first constructive thing I’ve done all day, and the day is rapidly turning to night.

This tendency of mine to become over indulgent in pursuits other than writing is what always makes me halt when I think about taking a year out  (or any time out at all) to dedicate myself to full time writing. It’s not that the other things I’ve done today are necessarily bad, few vices are bad when done in moderation, it’s more that I have an immense capacity for distraction – I am bum-glue repellent as it were. That being said, I have managed to churn out this blog post. So all is not lost.

I have wanted to publish a novel for as long as I can remember. And today marks another year of my life that has gone by without achieving that goal. Time to buckle down to it and figure out how to train myself to sit down and take action.


4 responses to “Birthdays and Other Distractions from Writing and Blogging

  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Sophustanus! Happy birthday to you! (Now get to work, haha)

  2. Happy Birthday! That is one of the best pictures…ever! Anyway, enjoy your day by celebrating and put that nose to the grindstone on the second day of your birth!

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