Write for 15 Minutes a Day

StopwatchNo pressure.

15 minutes is entirely do-able. Sit down, set a timer, ready, steady….. WRITE! Don’t stop to think and worry, just go – edit later – this way there will be something to edit.

I think that this is a really good exercise to do when you’re feeling like there is no time for writing in your life. I tried it out this morning. I woke up, made a pot of tea, sat down and just wrote. The short time frame I allowed myself was quite freeing, and it’s amazing how much I got done.

Currently, I am still world building for Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Today, I was plotting the relationships between the many city states in my fairy tale fantasy world. It has made me reconsider the longstanding name of my main city – Farway. I really do like the name Farway, but there has been mention that it sounds a little close to Far Far Away from Shrek. Another name has cropped up on me this morning – Yore, to be referred to as ‘the city of Yore’, etc. Any thoughts?


13 responses to “Write for 15 Minutes a Day

  1. Yore works. I’m assuming it’s a punny sort of world?

  2. This works really well, actually. I’ve been keeping a little journal where I just write anything I feel like every day. I think it’s actually making me a better writer, slowly but surely.

    • Thanks, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one this helps. I think that 15 minutes is an easy routine to slip into. Thinking that you’re going to sit down and spend the entire day writing when you haven’t really done all that much at once is like trying to slip on a pair of running shoes and going out to complete a marathon without any training…

      • Yeah that’s true. It’s great practice and it keeps you in the writing “mood” so that when you really want to sit down and write something serious, it flows more freely and naturally.

  3. It really works! Holding yourself accountable for small increments of time will open the mind and lead to finding more time. Great post!

    • Thanks, yes indeed, incrementalism seems to be the best way to crack it. Climbing that mountain one step at a time. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Yore is a good name. It works well, I think. I got chastised today for making my names too crazy.

    • Thanks… double points for Yore… odds are going in favour of it.

      Were you chastised on IRL or on your blog? So long as there is some sort of internal logic to the names, and so long as they are pronouncable and memorable, it should be fine. So long as they aren’t ‘out there’ for the sake for being ‘out there’. Any particular one you were berated on?

      • IRL, Maulwurf Von Fiener which is mole of subtlety in German.

      • Bahahahahahaha. I love it – no rebuke here. So long as there are some plainer names mixed in. I’m not sure if any story could withstand a full cast of such magnitude.

      • Yeah, I have plenty of normal names. I couldn’t pass this one up, though. It just seemed too good to cut. Thank you for your input. I look forward to your posts.

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