Ah, poetry, in particular – mine. Some of it good, and let’s leave it at that.

It is only recently that I’ve come to share my work with people outside my circle of family and friends. My confidence has slowly grown and, a few years ago, I started performing at poetry readings and slams, as well as at various events around London. It has taken a wee while to adjust to the difference between writing poetry and performing it, but I think that I’m getting there.

I have not been writing very much poetry as of late, as my focus has been more on my novel. However, fingers-crossed, I will be applying money to mouth and will shortly restart reading and slamming and producing good work.

I’ve included four of my poems on this site to be read and enjoyed (or despised). As I said in my book, I have been editing these poems continuously since each one was written and it’s a little scary to put them in print, to freeze them in time, to draw the line under each one and say yes, this is the finished product. But in order to send them out into the world it must be done, as every good parent knows. I hope they fare well. Inevitably, some will do better than others, and some might even surprise me. I look forward to them taking on little lives of their own.

If you find yourself wanting to know more, please contact me, or if you want to read more, I have published a book of my poetry Taking Out the Trash that is available for purchase direct.


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