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London Super Comic-Con 2013

OK, slightly off the topic of writing appaand books, but still in the fairy tale, fantasy zone (somewhat), my charming and rather indulgent BF has bought me tickets to a day at London Super Comic-Con 2013 on February 23rd. Although I am a hard and fast fantasy/sci-fi/superhero geek of the highest order, the only comic-esk convention I’ve ever attended was when I was interning at SFX magazine many moons ago. And I didn’t even get to attend the main convention in that instance, so I’m not sure that that counts.

In any case, I am very excited, and although BF’s tastes differ somewhat from mine, there are mutual geek-grounds that we can meet on. One point of order is that we’ve agreed to do a little dressing up for the part of the comic convention (a must do, methinks). We have not yet sourced our outfits, but we’ve decided on Avatar: The Last Airbender (the TV series, not the movie), specifically we’ve both decided to go as Appa, the Avatar‘s flying Bison, the show’s secret star.

We need to get into action sorting out our respective outfits. We are not going all-out crazy with dressing up, but we are looking at getting the hat below for my BF and the dress for me (Hat and Dress both available via Etsy). I am so excited to go, and hope that it goes some way towards getting inspired to write.

Appa Hatappa dress