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6 Ways to Promote Your Book on a Budget – GalleyCat

6 Ways to Promote Your Book on a Budget – Reblogged from GalleyCat

Sophus Note: I thought that this was a good article to keep track of for later reference…

Are you struggling to promote your book on a budget?

We’ve collected some links that will help you promote your book withoutspending any money at all.

Six Ways To Promote Your Book on a Budget

1. Visit these free sites to promote your eBook.

2. Pitch articles, interviews or blog posts to media outlets. Read our How Toi_love_reading_2 Pitch Your Book to Online Outlets post for more details.

 3. Contact bookstores. Check out our How To Sell Your Self-Published Book in Bookstores post for more guidance.

4. Host a book giveaway online. We’ve collected some free giveaway resources at this link.

5. Fix these common mistakes in your Twitter profile and your Google+ profile.

6. Create a free Tumblr page dedicated to one of your book’s themes. Our Tumblr Tips for Writers will get you started.


The Joy of Books

Oh how I love books…

My friends might be familiar with this one, and it’s so good that I thought I would mention it here. The setting for the piece is Type Books in Toronto, Canada, a beauty of a store. Find Type Books: on facebook and twitter @typebooks

Sean Ohlenkamp, his wife, Lisa, and 27 volunteers lovingly made this film, shelving and reshelving books all night, every night. The patience it must have taken! Find Sean Ohlemkap: on facebook and twitter @ohkamp

The original music is composed and performed by Toronto-based Grayson Matthews. Find Grayson Matthews on twitter @GraysonMatthews

Being an independent bookseller is hard, I hope that all this effort and the artistry of this video helps to boost traffic.

As much as I do love bookstores, I have to admit that I am one of the many who has fallen for the wiles of Amazon pricing. Then again, in these cash-strapped days, its almost impossible to justify making an ethical purchasing choice when it impacts upon your bottom line. Especially when the ethical purchasing choice for books has expanded to include the large chain brick and mortar stores who are also feeling the burn and falling by the wayside. There are so many tangible factors that influence book buying – will publishers stop working on these tangible enhancements in favour of intangible bells and whistles in the electronic book realm. I hope not, there is something whimsical about beautifully engineered paper that no amount of interactive artificial intelligence can replace.