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Which Witch?

Long time no blog.

After much silence, during which I have written a little, but by no means enough, I’ve decided to start this little project up again. And I’ve decided to start on the topic of witches. I’m in a quandary, after reading my exposition, please help me make a decision by participating in the poll below.

I’m working on my main protagonist’s past, and I know that he was abandoned at childbirth and was raised by a witch in the wood. Raised evil. The witch must be typically evil, in a guts and gore and blood sacrifice of the innocent kind of way. She’ll raise Dixie (said protagonist) as a prize for her to trade at a later date.

As my tale is essentially a deconstruction and amalgamation of the fairy tale, I’ve been going through famed witches to cast in the role. There are several to chose from, and I have whittled it down. Leading the pack was Baba Yaga of Slavic folklore fame, which one commentator has said is the witch. But my writing group has poo pooed the idea as she is too iconic for such a role and deserves attention in her own right. Perhaps. I may still have to disagree.

Next up, we have Morgan la Fey (or whichever rendition of her name you would prefer to go by). She’s fairly appropriate, especially with the “fey”- fairy connotation, but it may be a little too much towards the “fairy”, I’m not sure if I want Dixie being brought up by a fairy, but then again, it might produce some interesting results. Hmmmmm, things to think about.

Or we could instead delve into history and go towards Mother Shipton, although she’s much more of a soothsayer than an all out evil bi-atch.

Or I could step back from the reverent/ irreverent fairy tale integration and just go with my own invention of Morag Witherlin, whose character I could shape and mold as I wish.

Or perhaps someone else entirely who I haven’t given due consideration…