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Running in Search of Wally (and Literacy)

Sponsor SophusOK, it is done. I am officially signed down for the Where’s Wally 10km Fun Run to raise money for the Literacy Trust on the 24 March. The realisation is setting in – 10km. That’s an hour or more of running, and it’s a little more than a month away. I’d better get on with the training. Will keep you updated with my progress.

It’s a really good cause, as I think that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to read.

I’m rallying the recruits that promised participation at dinner on Saturday. Let’s see if they pull through. I am looking forward to it in a weird way, and will post photos from the day.

In the meantime, if you fancy sponsoring my Wally-run for a really good cause, you can help out with funds here.

Read More About the Where’s Wally Fun Run from Sophus:


Where’s Wally Fun Run: Raising Money for the Literacy Trust

So last night was a North London food fest. Lex and Gaz spent three and a half hours roasting a huge cut of pork from a piggy that Lex’s dad reared. Sadly it was not pulled pork as previously advertised, apparently, pulled pork requires a shoulder joint. Who knew? In any case, there was an abundance of food, and I ate and drank my way into oblivion. My run this morning was part of my effort to compensate for the overindulgence, but I don’t think that it goes anywhere Whereswallynear making up for the orgy of food yester-eve.

In any case, goals are apparently good for keeping resolutions, as well as getting a support network involved. So the BF and I have invited the folks from dinner to partake in the Where’s Wally Fun Run to raise money for the National Literacy Trust, and they (drunkenly and) enthusiastically agreed. Hence, killing the two proverbial birds with one stone. Just need to make sure that they all keep up with their commitment.

The Literacy Trust

The Literacy Trust is a UK charity that transforms lives through literacy: society will only be fair when everyone has the literacy skills they need to communicate, to fulfil their potential and to contribute more to society. They campaign to improve public understanding of the vital importance of literacy, as well as delivering projects and working in partnership to reach those most in need of support. The Where’s Wally Fun Run is a 5km or 10km run (or walk, or crawl) on Sunday 23 March in Victoria Park, London. Entry is £20 and a complete Where’s Wally Outfit is included in the entry fee. Awesome.

I may well be raising some money for the Literacy Trust as well, so watch this space.

The Terrifying Blank Page

I’ve been blogging about resolutions, of which I have given myself a handful (double meaning of handful intended). ‘THEY’ say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person, so I am applying that rationale here, if I laden myself with tasks, perhaps things will indeed get done.

So continuing with my ‘blog everyday for 100 days‘ resolution, this morning, I was staring at my “Add New Post” page with every good intention, but my mind was a blank. I couldn’t think of anything at all to blog about. It is really amazing running-inspirationthat we have so many blog-appropriate thoughts but when the moment comes to connect the dots, everything evaporates. So I turned to another resolution – exercise, and I conquered the many excuses and made it  out for a run. Although the at the start it was a struggle, at the end I was really getting into my pace. For me, there is definitely a link between exercise and peace of mind, and leading on from peace of mind, I get clarity on my creativity. Basically, during my run my mind had the opportunity to be distraction-free and I thought of lots of things to blog about and many ways to address my writer’s block for Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Addressing writer’s block

Firstly, I am going to map out some family trees for my main characters: parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, friends, relations, family feuds, etc. I think it would be a good exercise.

Along side that, I am going to do a little world building: sketching out maps of the world that I am creating. In a spurt of either desperation or enthusiasm, I recently purchased some slightly pricey software by Profantasy called Campaign Cartographer. While it does seem to be able to make brilliant maps for fantastical worlds (which is perfect for my fairy tale world), it also requires some practice and perhaps watching a couple of tutorials on how to make the best of it, which I have not yet bothered with. However, rather than get distracted from my drive to move my story forward, I think I will sketch by hand first, and perhaps leave the specialist cartography for another day.