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100-Word Story for the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge


She found the old armchair on the pavement, a beat-up dark leather job. A classic freecycle.

From her student days into womanhood, it accumulated stories: her one-time bisexual romp, her mother’s last meal, her son’s playchair, her husband’s evening cigar: practising smoke-rings when he thought no one was watching.

The impression of derrières became ever deepened. The horse hair falling out of the caved seat was not a surprise, but the miniature femur which followed was. Later, she was shown five tiny skeletons, some wisps of human hair and the tapestry of slaughter soaked into the underside of the leather.

(100 words)

Above is the 100-word story “Freecycle” that I’ve just submitted for the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge (NB I’ve checked the rules, and it’s fine for me to publish it here). Many thanks to the guys at WLWG for their feedback yestereve. As always, their input was invaluable. Fingers crossed. I will only hear if I’m one of the 20 shortlisted. But in any case, shortlisted or not, it was a good exercise to do it and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece.

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Extreme Short Stories: Jeffrey Archer Writing Competition

The advent of ebooks has breathed new life into the short story, but a new competition by Curtis Brown and Kobo has given it a new twist. The Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge,  judged by Jeffrey Archer is for writers in the UK, US and Canada in any genre, submissions: 100-word max.

Rather short, n’est-ce pas?

The prize is a rather yawning free enrolment in a Curtis Brown online novel-writing course, but the proposition is intriguing. Having recently pondered the art of sentence-making (NB the shortest horror story Knock), I’m inspired to enter. For the second time today, challenge accepted!

(FYI, by way of example, the article above is 100-words).