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Minimalist Fairytale Art

Rowan Stocks 1

I am a huge fan of new takes on old tales. I’ve recently come across the artwork of Rowan Stocks-Moore. He uses a limited colour palette and takes advantage of the negative space in an image to create a stark picture, sometimes coupled with an optical illusion (NB the Snow White image above – with the lovers and the apple core in one). His clever, often darkly humorous takes on classic tales gives a new perspective and new life to well trodden tropes. A path I hope to emulate and perchance equal in Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Rowan Stocks-Moore’s work is available for purchase via Esty.

Rowan Stocks 2



Don’t Piss Off the Fairies

Don't Piss Off the FairiesI had to share this sign Don’t Piss Off the Fairies, as it has thoroughly amused me. Some ingenious and enterprising person at Etsy is selling them. Ahh, to have a garden to put this in  – a sad fact of life living in London. It wouldn’t quite have the same feel stuck in a plant pot on my terrace.

In the world of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, I would love this sort of sign to be so common as to be unremarkable (“common-a-garden” – literally. I know, I know, apologies on the groanworthy pun). It could be the equivalent of a sign that says Beware of Dog.