TypewriterThe West London Writers Guild was born out of an Anne Aylor writing course.

I am a painfully slow writer and had been continually starting novels without taking them any further. Partly because of the lack of application of arse to seat, and partly through lack of plot direction. I always had a beginning, and I sometimes had an end, but I rarely had a middle. I found that Anne’s course helped to give me direction in how to move forward with my novel Four and Twenty Blackbirds and WLWG has really helped me to continue my journey.

The group has been really supportive. I thoroughly value their critiques and the energy that they put into their reviews, as well as the encouragement they give me. Without them, I think I would have given up a long time ago.

I recommend finding a good writing group or a good writing course to anyone who is struggling with their writing. I did do a lot of research before investing in a course, and I have to say that I lucked out with Anne as a teacher. I found that her teaching clicked with me, and I’ll never be able to smell burning sage without wanting to pick up a pen. I also thoroughly lucked out with WLWG, we do have to push forward to keep it going and have a good quorum of consistent writers, but we are getting there.

Keep writing. x. Sophus


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